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Why to choose us
  • Unique all-inclusive clinic
  • 23 years' experience
  • Competitive prices
  • Full service warranty
  • On-site hotel
  • 1000 new satisfied clients every year

Best prices
  • - Consultation Package:  99 €
  • - Tooth whitening: 355 €
  • - Crown: 260 €
  • - Implant: 750 €

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High quality for competitive prices

At Fedasz Dental we combine our dentists' and technicians' experience with the latest dental technology and materials. This enables us to provide the best dental service.

Uniquely in Europe, our clinic has consulting rooms, dental laboratory and luxury accommodation in the same building. There is direct contact between the dentists and the technicians, which guarantees high quality. Quality technical work can be carried out within a short time frame.

A great advantage of the hotel in the building of the clinic is that patients can avoid unnecessary journeys for the treatments and what is more, full daytime medical supervision is provided for our patients staying in the hotel. Airport transfer is provided to our hotel guests.

Our team is happy to assist you to organize your trip to Budapest and your dental treatment at the clinic. We can help with spare time activities to make the most out of your time between two appointments.


Fedasz Dental Hungary

H-2085 Pilisvörösvár,
Szent János Str. 1/D

Phone: +36-26-332-250